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Chiefs' Alex Smith struggles as offence continues to stumble

W tym dziale wątki zamknięte, nieaktualne oraz łamiące zasady oczekują na definitywne usunięcie.

Chiefs' Alex Smith struggles as offence continues to stumble

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Might, Mo. Alex Smith was the darling of kansas just a few weeks ago Custom Chiefs jersey, When the qb who seems to never make any major mistakes had the Chiefs rolling to the top of the AFC West.

Straight away, Might sizeable group of fans who want him replaced.

Smith has struggled in his two games back from a head injury sustained in indiana, Including a lousy success last Sunday in a 19 17 loss to Tampa Bay. The defeat snapped the Chiefs' five game winning streak and left them playing catch up in the area race.

"There's no doubt Alex is OK. He's large advertisement fine. We've just got to keep working here, Chief bus Andy Reid said. "He does a great job with leadership and all of those ideas.

"Almost certainly be fine. We've had a couple weeks here where we've been in a little a slump. Found. pull out of it and get better,

The Chiefs don't put too hard stock in numbers, Unless you're posting on turnovers, Fine and points on the scoreboard. But it is hard to dispute that Smith's numbers are down along side board.

He has just nine landing passes in nine games, And four interceptions Alex Smith jersey cheap. He's calculating 6.9 yards per efforts, Down anywhere near a yard from last season.

His yards per finish, Quarterback rating and a few more benchmarks are also down, Nonetheless he may have more talent around him.

The Chiefs shored up the attack line in the off season, That is why his sack total is also down, And gave him a speedy playmaker in wide receiver Tyreek Hill from draft https://www.chiefsapparelonline.com/KCCh8ceAgYtyeJ.

"I think stats can actually be useful. They can tell you glaring themes every now and then, Williams said, "But sometime it's easy to get up to date too much and read into them, Especially if there's no glaring theme.

"Each season varies and is its own journey, And every year's schedule differs from the others, So it's hard to check it to years past. There's different tensions,

The difficulties are only going to get stiffer for the Chiefs, Because well.

They head to Denver on Sunday night for a pivotal showdown even though Broncos, That like them are battling the Raiders for the division lead.

Then it's off to Atlanta for a game from high flying Falcons, And the Chiefs will in all probability need to score a lot of points to win.

And also, A Thursday night game your Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium.

However up are the Broncos, Who may have the best defence the Chiefs have faced all season not a very important thing for a Chiefs offence that is struggling to put up points.

"They're pretty good, Bush said. "That's obvious looking at them statistically the past decades. Helpers wise, They're good around the board.

"Up-front, Linebacker area and secondary, This option are really, Top. They're well coached and they are fast. You look into the numbers and they're there,

Good, So perhaps Smith does put some stock in statistics.

It's not that things are dire in Kansas City, Keep in mind. Of your current Chiefs(7 3) Continue to be squarely in the playoff picture, And they may still snatch away a division title.

But everyone also witnesses that Smith needs to begin performing better for the offence to hit its stride again.

He threw for just 261 yards yesterday against Tampa Bay, A good chunk of that when he was searching rally the Chiefs down the stretch.

And while he scored his first touchdown on a lawn since the opener, He also threw an interception in the end zone that foiled a potential comeback.

Incredibly, Many fans began to argue backup Nick Foles must really be given a chance.

Reid may perhaps be steadfastly in Smith's corner, Life style, Ever since the moment the Chiefs sent two second round picks to san fran to acquire him.

It was Reid who took the culprit for the interception he called a bad play, He said and the coach insisted this week that Smith's job is not at risk eric berry jersey.
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